In 2015, Founder + Managing Creative Director, Heir Sherrod said goodbye to creative agency life and started Heir PR; a boutique public relations startup. With one goal in mind - to control the narrative of the underrepresented. It was always his mission to give a voice to the often voiceless, shed light to the often unseen and to uplift those who are often broken down. For the first three years of business, the company focused on Publicity and Strategy; securing notable press credits from PEOPLE, The Real Daytime TV Show, Vogue and The Today Show on behalf of its clients.


It was in that same year, following the #OScarsSoWhite debacle, that Heir hatched a plan to curate an annual list selecting, highlighting and honoring achievements in the black community. Heir's List soon became a community staple, and has highlighted 200+ persons of color, ages 21 to 40, from a myriad of professions who courageously break down barriers to enrich the lives of others. This initiative connected dots  and curated an experience that was once unforeseen to many.  Further solidifying the statement "If you build it they will come," as the need and support grew year over year. 

Heir Sherrod Lewis
Harold Waight Photography

After Heir PR's 3rd year, expansion was on the horizon. Heir wanted to offer more services than the current offerings. Combining the love for PR, Strategy and Productions, adding Experiential Marketing and Events experience in entertainment, sports and tech and housing that all under one roof. Later that year, Heir Productions was birthed and introduced to the world, offering the same services as Heir PR but boasting new additions like Productions; Photo, Video + Events to its list of services. 

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